aka C52 (France) Odyssey (Brazil) Odyssey2 (USA) Radiola Jet25 Snieder 7000

  • CPU 8048 Intel  Processor
  • 4Kb Ram
  • 8Kb Rom
  • 256x192 Resolution On Screen
  • 8 Colours
  • 1 Channel Audio 8 octaves.
  • 2 Joysticks. (4 direction 1 fire. digital)
  • 49 Key Keyboard
  • 1 Cartridge/Expansions slot









Ignore the on off switch that is something I modified on my personal G7000 and not a standard feature.

The G7000 aka C52/Odyssey2, all models basically the same although the Odyssey2 was blessed with a power switch.

The G7000 does have all the internal moulding for a power switch in the same place as the odyssey2 however, the Philips G7000 logo covers the area.

There are two known boxes to the Videopac G7000 console (pictured right) the earlier version being the bottom one.

They came shipped with

  •  37 Cart Poster (1-36 covers + Videopac A)

  • Instruction Manual

  • G7000 Video Games Club Application

  • A warranty Card

The Philips G7000 was basically a games console, although Philips/Magnavox had plans to make this a fully fledged home computer, its limitations in that area were quickly realised after their first attempt Videopac 9 (computer Programmer)  fell over big time when for some obscure reason they decided not to put any method of reading or writing data from a reusable source (ie tape backup or even expensive battery backed up memory) so any programming work you created painstakingly on this very irritable keyboard was lost forever as soon as you pressed reset or powered off. the latter 7010 BASIC module came equipped with Microsoft basic and method of tape backup of your work.

by the time of that release the console was already dubbed no more than a Games console with a useless keyboard.

My G7000 Models. I currently Have 4

  • G7000-15 Boxed (tatty Box, lift lid cardboard inserts ) but with the separate 9pin D silver Joysticks.
  • G7000-36 Boxed (better Box, Slide in Poly Inserts) Integrated Joysticks.
  • G7000-36 Unboxed as above
  • The other I don't have access to right now, but I'll update when I do.

Click here for the G7000 Manual (English part) PDF format.

The PHILIPS G7000 can be found in many guises such as the  Schneider 7000

As you can see there is very little cosmetic difference to this model other than the French spellings of some function keys and the "Espace" bar, Still no power button. The internal specifications are similar however the video output would vary depending on the country of destination, PAL/SECAM etc..


Other Clones included the PHILIPS C52,  The C52 was released by Philips...why they didn't stick with the G7000 name I have no idea, it must have cost more for changing logos and boxes, They were all made in France anyway, so it would have made good corporate branding sense to stick with the one name C52 or G7000 (I prefer G7000) The C52 was released in 1979

Also the Philips G7000 got even more identity change by the name of the RADIOLA JET25, and the SIERA branded version, both of which re-release the Videopac range oif games, simply by re-badging the cartridges and instruction manuals with their own logos, Siera put even less effort into the corporate re-branding by simply buying up excess Philips Carts, placing a sticker over the top of the old one and reprinting the manual on a single sheet of card, cutting instructions for each language down to an absolute minimum.

Despite this these unusual variants have won favour with me and my current collection is focusing on these variants of the carts.

***and then there was the US version, The Magnavox Odyssey 2, which I have left as it has a page to itself

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