Latest O2em Available for download now. O2em 1.17.2 by Mark Guttenbrunner 2006-05-07
- main.c / voice.c: o2em can now be launched from anywhere and finds bios and voice (like patch from source-forge, but not dependend on a directory "o2em")
- vdc.c: changed the deprecated functions so o2em compiles without warnings now (patch from source-forge)
- timefunc.c: freebsd added for gettimeticks (patch from source-forge)
- audio.c: at init_sound volume is not set to maximum (patch from source-forge)
- makefiles for linux, djgpp adapted to the new source files (thanx Gert-Jan)
- errno was not declared in score.c (thanx Gert-Jan)
- fixed the "double size sprites are shifted only 1 instead of 2 pixles" bug (hopefully, let me know, Ted)

Changes in Debugger (debug.c):

renamed command exram to extram
changed the way the disassembler shows commands
show registers shows next command at Program Counter
register are shown when entering the debugger

wext is eliminated, function is now integrated in "extram a d"
wint is eliminated, function is now integrated in "intram a d"
wvdc is eliminated, function is now integrated in "video a d"

di # - adress optional, continues after last shown address
md # - adress optional, continues after last shown address

new command: "load file a" lets you load a binary file to address a (in cart memory)
new command: "save file a n" lets you now save a n Bytes long binary file from address a (in cart memory)
new command: reset (same as F5 but in debugger)
new command: c # lets you change values in memory (enter to exit)
new command: "as #" lets you assemble from address # (enter to exit) (compiled Windows version) (Source Code)

Mr Roboto's Hidden Secret, Prizes to be won...! 2006-04-30
Ted Szczypiorski's at it again, proving himself to be the main player behind modern videopac gaming. Taken Straight from Tedfoolery's site..
"Hidden throughout the Mr. Roboto! cartridge and instruction manual are clues that lead to a secret message.
If you think you have found it, go here and enter the message. The first person with the correct message will receive a prize from PackRat Video Games that includes:

13" x 19" poster of the Mr. Roboto! cover.
Autographed copy of my next O2 Cartridge
$25 gift certificate to PackRat VG"

MelRep More than meets the eye plus Jake revelations 2006-04-13
The mystery game named melrep has a little bit more to it than first thought, The title doesn't seem to make a lot of sense in any language, and with recent discoveries that "Jake" was not the correct name for another one of the unreleased GST game, more the name of one of the GST programing team and this was his copy, could it be possible that MelRep is actualy a Philips Representative called Melanie (and this was her copy (purely my speculation)) as EPROM's generally have a small circular sticker that protects the delicate UV light sensitive components.

It turns out that Melrep is not one game but three number puzzle games, the first one I saw at the retro-computer-dag in Rotterdam last week, where there is a sequence of nine numbers 1-9 in a random order, and above them you have two fixed length moveable bars that swap the order of the numbers, the puzzle is to put the numbers back into their correct order by the limitations of the positions of the swapping (arms), The second game is one where the numbers are changed using the keyboard, although the purpose and goal of this is yet to be discovered. and the third game is as bas explains "You play against the computer by betting with numbers and try to end at 1".

Plans to release MelRep are underway and the date is set for later this year.

Tetris to be released for the Videopac/Odyssey 2006-04-13
Following Ted Szczypiorski's latest release MR ROBOTO!, is proud to announce that Ted's latest project will be a version of tetris so far named "Tedtris". although a decision on the title has not yet been made. The conversion to the Videopac console came about as part of the discussion group right here on your very own, where in the forums suggestions were gathered about what games we would like to see on the console, a few ideas were banded about and Ted picked up on the idea of Tetris on the console.

The classic game we all know and love is very much in development and already has a working playable version.

Ted has invited help with cover designs etc from fellow forum members, for the latest on the development of Tedtris go here.

Im sure the game will be available from Ted's usual supplier PakratVG in the very near future.

Title has now been confirmed as Puzzle Piece Panic. and will be the fist videopac game EVER! to feature POLYPHONIC SOUND !!!

New O2em Front end to be released 2006-04-03
Owner of Videopac site and regular forum member Klaus Peterka (perfect stranger), has recently been working on a new front end for O2em THE VIDEOPAC BASE which will feature, Multiple machine bin choices, G7000, G7400, Jopac & C52, a whole games database with covers and other information about each game, A choice of languages for the games title displays, allowing the user to rename games, useful for cross continent descriptions...pickle peter indeed.. Coincidentally this is being worked on at the same time as Arlindo Oliveira is working on o2em 1.18 who has been invited to the forums, so hopefully they can collaborate and produce an emulation system that features all the stuff we players want !!

THE VIDEOPAC BASE once finished will be fully supported right here at, and will get a page to itself accessible from the front page, where you will be able to download it, ROMs and any updates.

Spiderman Videopac 65 To Be Released Aril 9th 2006 2006-03-05
Earlier we reported that a fully working rom of the spiderman game from Parker Bros had been found by collector Bas Kornalijnslijper, well now its available to buy thanks again to the fine worldwide collectors of the VIDEOPAC world.

Order your copy now at

UPDATE 16th April 2006

All 65 copies of the spiderman release have now been sold out, but its not all bad news anyone wanting to add this game to thier collection will be able to do so, but with a different cover and no cartridge number.

FURTHER UPDATE - as you can see by the changed picture a 2nd edition is now available, in seemingly unlimeted supply.

Shark Hunter Videopac 64 Released By CCC 2006-03-01
From CCC website, Order now at
It is unknown why Shark Hunter was not released by Philips back then, as the game seems to be 100 % complete. Maybe it was too cruel for the Videopac game range, that consists mainly of titles that can be played by video gamers of any age.

Dieter has done yet another fine job of packaging and a limited release of this previously unavailable gem

Brazilian multicart scammer 2005-06-04
BEWARE The person who alleged they created these carts took the money and disappeared, more details

NEW Brazilian 205 GAME Multi-carts SCAM !.


On one of my regular jaunts to the Brazilian sites I noticed a vendor selling a multi-cart and in-fact purports to hold 205 Games !!!, I'd like to know what they could all be.

I'm currently in contact with the vendor with a view to getting some over here and distributing them from my site. with English instructions etc. So watch this space.

Apologies & Site News. 2005-05-09
That's it I've had enough of that stupid web host company. 99.5% uptime my butt, if it wasn't their SQL server falling over, my BBS falling over, or even disappearing all together, even every file on their server, while good in that they are free are no use for someone trying to maintain anything better than a personal homepage.

So I have taken drastic steps and decided to pay for a reliable hosting service. So it may take a while for things to come together, please report any dead links. the BBS and shop will remain offline for a short while but it has given me chance to bring forward the new layout that I've been working on. hope you like it. if you would like to donate something towards the costs of maintaining this site please paypal to (not that anyone ever donates to any site).

I've now decided to add the VG5000 as a Videopac, as its so closely related it seems like the natural progression and it has by enlarge been ignored in the Videopac community.

The Shop is done, but I want to add a lot more stock to the listings before opening it, and check out that thiers no bugs i.e. I pay you to buy a game.

There's a new page Articles I thought it was about time I wrote some articles rather than just spout facts. however Ive pinched the first one from the long gone, about Videopac piracy which explains most of my carts listed as prototypes. I still find even copies of carts part of the history and still very interesting finds and certainly in some ironic twist more valuable than most of their authentic counterpart.


OK had to recreate the forum YET AGAIN over at the new providers house, so my apologies please join AGAIN (hopefully last time).

G7400 Page Updated

The Carts are back under the Games Button for all your scans and game info.

now fully running on new web-space provider so hopefully no more major downtime of lost sites (spits advantage hosts name again)

URL fully hosted by provider so all refrences should be via

VG5000 info still to come.

layout getting changed daily

Project Golden Shower 2005-04-20
now I'm not about to start putting unsuitable links on my site, but it would appear this group of musicians have compiled a song available on MP3 completely made up from the recognisable tones of the trusty Philips G7000, now having listened to some of their stuff, I have to admit the VIDEO COMPUTER SYSTEM track which brought them to my attention is not my favourite, but some of their other stuff, is very good, in a Herby Hancock styling.. go straight to the songs here, or look at their entire website Despite its name, this does appear to be a family friendly site.  

A somewhat unremarkable eBay auction turned up trumps last month with a label variation to a standard European Videopac release. Videopac 27, is quite a common cartridge, but this label variation had collectors scratching their heads. As you can see the picture isn't great, soon you'll be able to get a clearer look. the cartridge has a DB logo in the bottom right corner. The mystery is solved in my collection page.  

Ectron Cart Now Released for download. 2005-03-22
Earlier in the year we reported the discovery of a whole new manufacture of Videopac/Odyssey games by the name of Ectron, so far there was only one cartridge discovered with two games on it Impossible Mission / Programmed Trip, The Brazilian website Odyssey2000 that brought the discovery to our attention now has the Rom Available for download and for use on the O2EM Videopac Emulator. At the time of writing their website is down (by minutes) probably due to the vast amount of people eager to obtain these games. links to the website can be found on our links page.  

Videopac gets a boost in this months Retro Gamer Magazine 2005-03-21
, Finally our favourite machine gets a mention on page 103 of this months retro gamer magazine (available in the UK). Not before time, however it is only a request from a reader for something on our illustrious machine, the magazine hasn't taken the hint though and wants its readers to write in and request articles... it shouldn't need requests...its retro history. (first console with built in keyboard). I have added my support you can to by joining the retro gamer forums over at live publishing.  

More Teeshirts/mercehndise available 2005-02-15
found this quite by accident and it seems they are a product of, s..They do several typesof shirts and other articles, hats,bags,mugs..etc However List (forum member) points out to me he saw it first !!!

Videopac Emulator for the XBOX 2005-01-05
XBOX Emulator Launched, No you cant play Xbox games on your Videopac, its the other way around, Xport have done many emulators for Xbox machines and they have created a lovely front end and transferred the PC favourite 02em across to the X-BOX, so now you have an excuse to catch up with the rest of the gaming world. More here

Where is the Videopac Sticker Album ? 2004-12-29
I've recently been working on a database for the website so you can easily search through the carts and get the information specific to your search, when on the back of videopac 14 there was what appeared to be a picture of the Videopacs cover, that had been attached by glue, but the more I looked at it, the clear it was that this was not a cut out, but an official sticker, I then found another on Videopac 16 (both carts came from eBay same seller). quite clearly this was official merchandise. is it possible that Philips issued a collectors sticker album ?

Now the first one (14) here does look a little like someone has cut it out due to some dogging which is what I thought at first, but I can assure you, the edges are perfectly straight and machine cut, 16 is a lot clearer. so what were these used for, a collectors album ?, poster ? does anyone remember them, the carts originated from France so was this specific to France ?

More info on the stickers, Bas Kornalijnslijper (his website available on the links page) has told me he some in his collection in the Netherlands, which confirms they are indeed sticker, but what was philips intentions for the stickers, is there an album or collectors poster out there ?, Since posting this I have acquired several more carts with various stickers. There origin or intent still remains a mystery

Videopac 38 Teeshirts 2004-11-23
Tee-shirt, The Videopac 38 Tee-shirt is undergoing a small print run, so if you are a (must have everything collector here's one not to miss). www.Videopac.Net is promising these quality fruit of the loom black tee-shirts with the 38 cart label, which looks very tasteful from their mock up. available in the size of XL and Large available by contacting him.

go, browse the site and click OTHER to order.
(my that's a handsome model :D)

Flashpoint ignited 2004-05-21
Whilst keeping the title of this modern release under his hat at the moment, Dieter is following in the footsteps of Clay Pigeon and Interpol as an unofficial but welcomed new entry into the Videopac most wanted list.
Dieter plans to release this title at the Eurocon, which is taking place in The Hague (Netherlands) from Today 29th October until Sunday.


In very short supply at the moment so you collectors need to get your skates on Flashpoint is the latest release for the Videopac+ Range with the emphasis on + as its is only compatible with the +consoles, being the G7400 (Jopac and Odyssey3 I presume also).

To Date there are only 16 Collectors editions which includes

Cartridge with original label
Original Manual in English
Inlay for Videopac+ boxes
Info card about the author with original autograph
Wooden joystick holder with sticker
Original Videopac+ plastic box (used)
And 44 Classic Editions available now.

Cartridge with original label
Original Manual in English
Inlay for Videopac+ boxes
Info card about the author
Wooden joystick holder
16 Sold on first day.. however Dieter says there will be more if there's demand...I think so !!!

Yet again the full credits got to

Classic Consoles Centre

Return of King Tut 2004-05-03
Not surprisingly tutemkham has finally materialised, and it would appear to be a full playable version of the game, not a prototype or demo version, furthermore to all our advantages it is the proud possession of Dieter Koenig of..
Classic Consoles Centre
who has done us all proud by not only reviewing and adding pictures to his site, but has made the download available for o2em, so we can all have a shot.
and from what he says its one corker of a game.

Ectron Who??? 2004-04-09
Well this is a whole new kettle of fish, it would seem a cartridge has been found by a whole new manufacturer previously unheard of in the VIDEOPAC world. A company called Ectron it has immerged produced this game. and only came to light as a internet auction customer discovered this game for sale online more details available Spanish sorry


Now if they produced one then possibly they produced more titles, plus this is clearly a production cartridge from the pictures available at the site, so there must be more copies of this to be had, don't you just love it when something like this comes along.

Spidey Sense 2004-04-01
Well it was rumored to exist for years. screen shots were printed in magazine although they were believed to have been taken from the atari2600 version of this Parker Bros Game, anyway from what I have read the prototype, a very lucky collector has taken possession of the EPROM based cart (Bas Kornalijnslijper). click TRANSLATE for more info.
The Proto was displayed at the "Retro Game" show held in Holland on June the 19th Organised by the Dutch Commodore club.

Oooh... when's the 136 in one cart coming out just added some numbers to the 128 in hope :) consulting detective & the new carts below included maybe ???

Planet Lander 2004-03-01
Released 10 June 2004. Based on the Old arcade favourite Lunar Lander, Planet Lander has been written by Ted Szczypiorski.
A big thank you to Ted for continuing to support this console, I have ordered my copy tonight, I'll review it when received, the only downside for us in the UK is that its being aimed at the US collectors by being put in the ODYSSEY 2 style casing anyway the cart is $19 and postage to the UK is only $12 so basically around 18 inc...BILLY BARGAIN !!!

anyway BUY IT! HERE

Download the ROM to test on your emulator from Ted's own website here TEDFOOLERY.COM


Kill The Attacking Aliens 2004-02-01
Soeren Gust's new game, in-fact the first cart to be released from a homebrew coder since john dondzillas AMOK.
anyway BUY IT! HERE

full details on Soeren's own shrine to the VIDEOPAC world on the web

Amok Plus 128 games on one cart 2004-01-01