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Post PEOPLE WHO HAVE ORDERED Clay PIGEON !!!! LOOK !!! Reply with quote
Firstly sorry for the delay, I have been waiting on delivery of a badge maker from eBay which I ordered 2 weeks ago, remember I promised a free videopac badge with the first 20 orders.

well apparently the guy mailed me after purchase to ask where I wanted the maker to be delivered to and would somone be in.?.

I did not see this as I have been busy making the carts, hence I have not been on here much.
last week I happened to check my hotmail (which I use for online registration and not my main email) and found it, I thought what a bloody cop out, why the hell would anyone need me to confirm my address and wether somone was going to be in (what the hell diffrence does it make to him), my address is on both EBAY & PAYPAL and wether I am in or not makes no diffrence, if Im not I can go to the depot and pick it up.

I mailed him and told him as much last week, then there was easter holidays so post was slow and still no sign, yesterday I get a mail again saying please ring him to arrange a delivery, so I mailed back saying you mean you STILL HAVE NOT DESPATCHED THIS !!!!, either get it to me tomorow AM or give me my money back..

I now have my money back and he had the cheek to say the delay was my fault for not responding sooner, if you ask me he was out of stock and stalling for time.

so my appologies to you guys, I have now started shipping the cart SANS badge.

I will get a badge maker and send the badge seperately at my cost to the first 20 orders as promised, however I need to find a dealer who is not this moron from ebay (who seems to have the market sewn up).

I am now also waiting for eproms as I ran out (I only had 10 and have had some failures making the carts I couldnt find out if they worked until after soldering in at the loss of the eprom as I cut its legs off to get it out) meaning I have six(tested working) to send out, fortunately, I only have about 10 orders and Im working on a first come first serve and some people only paid last week.

The ones going out immeadiately (yesterday/today) are

Klaus P.
Maurice S.
Alex L.
Guido L. (who has been amazingly patient as I was joint shipping him something he bought off ebay weeks ago)
and david F.

anyone with any queries please PM or mail me.

the other four people (including) the ones that sent me cash recieved last week, will be shipped as soon as the new eproms arive which should be today/tomorow.

I am awfully sorry but assure you getting this stuff to you is the premium thing on my mind at the moment.

I should to be honest made a good few before listing, but I wwas eager to spread the news, I have learned from this and it wont happen again.

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