Mission Impossible/
           Programmed Trip

Rarity in the UK (9/10) 1/10
2nd edition copies of this game are available from me directly. This game is still a bit of an unknown, Only one copy of this game has ever been found, in brazil, published by a company called Ectron, no trace of this company has been found either other than some Brazilian MSX cassette games.
We don't even know what the original cover looked like

The Brazilian cover below is a mock up made by Odyssey2000s website.
The First videopac version was released by myself  under the "Humanoid Games" logo. This was limited to
30 copies only. with a green cover designed by Klaus Bobacz.

2nd Editions Have different covers  and an unlimited supply, made subject to order... you can place an order by clicking on the link below. However second edition copies are supplied only as cart and cover (no box)

Game play 


Play takes part on a boxed grid, where your ships travel the lines, you control the direction
of the ships by placing line switching devices on the intersections that force you to either travel down or right. pick up
power crystals that allow you to defeat the enemy ships, you hav
e 15 lives, so do your opponents...but there is two of them


The layout is the same, but this game (which I prefer) is a puzzle strategy, this time you need to pass over
coloured markers, but you must do this in the correct sequence, so before you ship leaves base, you must strategically place
the lane changers where you need them to cross all the markers in the correct order... you only get one shot at this...

  Mission Impossible  Programmed Trip Mission Impossible  Programmed Trip  Missao Imposive/ Viagram Programada
Front Cover
1st Edition Card Boxed
2nd Edition
Brazilian Ectron Variation
Rarity RARE
30 Exist
AVAILABLE NOW Possibly Unique
UK £ Guide €34 £15 £ ALOT
Product Number   06AV9417
Cartridge Variation  
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1st Edition Owners List

1. Klaus Bobacz (AUSTRIA)
2. Andy Ryals (UK)
3. Stephen Lister (UK)
4. Mark Guttenbrunner (AUSTRIA)
5. Dieter Konig (AUSTRIA)
6. Rene van den Enden.(AUSTRIA)
7. David Flemming (USA)
8. Steph Heywood (NETHERLANDS)
9. Patrick Selten (NETHERLANDS)
10. Peter Van Tol.
11. Alex Lehmann. (SWITZERLAND)
12. Klaus Peterka. (AUSTRIA)
13. Alex de Jonge (NETHERLANDS)
14. Karl Illetschko (AUSTRIA)
15. Fred Linders (NETHERLANDS)
16. Reinhard Traunmüller

17. Maurice Cezario. (BRAZIL)
18. Robbert Jansen.
Martin Jobst-Tremel (AUSTRIA)
20. Jens Brinkmann
21. Rene Lips (NETHERLANDS)
22. Christian Page (UK)
23. Jarret Waite. (USA)
24. William Cassidy.
25. Rodrigo Zargo
26. Gert Jan (NETHERLANDS)
27. Bas Kornalijnslijper (NETHERLANDS)
28. John Janssen. (NETHERLANDS)
29. Ian Baronofsky
30. Myself.(UK)