• CPU 8048 (8 bits 1Mhz)Intel  Processor
  • 24Kb Ram
  • 8Kb Rom
  • 320x238 Resolution On Screen
  • 16 Colours
  • 1 Channel Audio 8 octaves.
  • 2 Joysticks. (4 direction 1 fire. digital)
  • 61 Key Keyboard
  • 1 Cartridge/Expansions slot


Where do you start with this anomaly, unlike every other Videopac console you could hope to find anywhere in the word, the "Ordinateur De Jeu Brandt Jo7400" conforms to none of the styling set about by Philips/Magnavox, unlike all the other clones such as Schnieder, Siera & Radiola, Brandt went to town on their version.

Brandt Even went so far as to produce games that aren't available under any of the other labels, including three dimensional games such as Moto- Crash+,  and third party plus variants like Imagics Demon Attack+, Jopac games are fully compatible with the Philips G7400 and even produced a range that were compatible with the G7000. But never released under the Philips Badge.

In addition Their Was Basket/Bowling+ which was a PHILIPS development but JOPAC released it with PLUS backgrounds.


The JOPAC did get another branding though by Continental Edison, also known as the SABA machine, called the JO1450, a much rarer variant, although the JO-7400 is pretty scarce on the ground by itself.



Demon Attack+


About The Games

There are twenty Six known releases under the Jopac label these are.

  • Acrobats *33

  • Armada *4

  • Baby Football *27

  • Basket/Bowling+ *6

  • Billiard+ *35

  • Catapult+ *20

  • Chez Maxime

  • Cosmos+ *11

  • Demon Attack+ *Imagic

  • Exojet+

  • Flipper+ *24

  • Golf *10

  • Grand Prix+ *1

  • Laser+ *18

  • Le Tresor Englouti

  • Legion *30

  • Magibrick *29

  • Monster *22

  • Moto Crash+

  • Myth & Magic *13

  • Restuarant

  • Satalite+ *34

  • Syracuse

  • Western+ *14

  • Des Chiffres et des Lettres

* (also Available on Videopac Equivalent number)


 Unsolved Mysteries

I still have some queries regarding some of the games, as the information is what I have gathered from elsewhere on the net and not first hand experience, although I do have around 13 Jopac games and two consoles. Most of the sources, in-fact the only other website I have found on the net with anything interesting regarding JOPAC is here at JOPAC ZONE

Questions ?      Please help out if you can

1. Restaurant, I have yet to see anyone who claims to have this, I suspect it is an alternative title for chez Maxime, bringing the numbers down to 25.
NOW SOLVED !!! Restaurant has now been confirmed as being a variant of Chez Maxime, but with english instructions.

2. Western+, again  I have never seen one, , Jopac zone lists a part number of JXA A02 and cover art, but it would appear that's all he has on it, He even questions its release. In three years I've never seen one come up on eBay. Is this Vapour-wear, If you have any info, Pics or even a cart.. I would give good money for this baby.


Satalit+ Screenshot As Seen on JO7400

A scart pin-out for the Jo-7400 can be located here..

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